Mission Statement

As suppliers of spatial data, we strive for timely and accurate data.  Our web interface provides one-to-one, integrated access to a multitude of government record sites and other internet based mapping platforms. Through innovation, integration, and automation, our approach of simplifying access to accurate spatial data places Real Estate Portal USA, LLC in the forefront of geospatial business technology.

About Us

Real Estate Portal USA has built a national web-based mapping site that serves specific markets such as Real Estate, Energy Exploration, and Government.  Covering over 130 million parcels in over 2,375 U.S. counties, our data architecture solves the problems associated with non-standardized parcel data between counties, regions and states.  We import and derive many important attributes from a variety of sources into a single database to allow for analyses at regional and national levels. Through our powerful query tool, we customize and present enriched, cleaned data suitable for multi-county analysis. Any search result links to a variety of fully integrated web-based mapping systems: Google StreetView or Bing Maps bird's eye view are just a click away. A click on a result will jump to a pre-queried county auditor's page for full parcel detail. Additional features such as environmental (Flood zones, Wetlands, & Soils) and demographic (Census blocks and groups) are just a few of the resources included in the mapping system.


Real Estate Portal USA was founded in 2006 by Dave Fuhry, Joe Harwood, Robert McGee, & Allie Schuring. Our initial goal of hosting a regional (multi-county) internet Geographic Information System (GIS) with spatial, demographic, and CAMA databases, all normalized to a format that is accepted by a broad spectrum of industries, quickly transformed into a national parcel-based internet mapping portal. With aerial imagery and map graphics blended with intuitive searchability, our web application incorporates all types of spatial data and resources and seamlessly displays the map and information the user wants to see.


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