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Pricing 65 parcel records for state Ohio AND county Cuyahoga, address 3000 - 5000 brookpark rd.

Parcels per county
Cuyahoga, OH65Parcel Id, Address, Owner, Sale Price, Ngh Code, Land Use Code, Land Use Class, Acreage, Area Meters, Perimeter Meters, Muni Id, School Dist Id, Zip Code, Fld Zone, Zone Subty, Census Tract, Census Blkgrp, Census Block, Mail Address1, Mail Address3, Water, Sewer, Addr Sec Unit Num, Addr Sec Unit Type
Amortized pricing
Price per parcelRunning total
First 1$1.99$1.99
Next 2$0.99$3.97
Next 7$0.50$7.47
Next 55$0.25$21.22
Grand Total$21.22
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