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Data Downloads

Real Estate Portal USA offers instant downloads of parcel data in our extensive coverage area (see map or list), in standard formats for easy integration into any GIS or data analysis software.

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National Parcel Database

We offer nationwide access to our National Parcel Database for your organization's web and enterprise applications. Available in vector format as shapefiles or sql database, or stream parcel data in your Google API or Bing API web application.

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For iPhone and iPad, this mobile application lets you view maps of the U.S. with real estate property boundaries overlaid. Hovering over a property shows its owner, address, and and other details like sale price, transfer date, and building information where available. Covers over 143 million properties, over 96% of U.S. population.

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Search & Mapping Site

Subscribe or use a Day-Pass to access the search and mapping features of our web site. Features include:

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PARLAY 2.0- Parcel Layer for Google Earth

Increase productivity, gain detailed local knowledge, and make better decisions with Real Estate Portal USA's PARLAY parcel data layer. View over 143 million parcel boundaries and attribute data with unprecedented detail and freshness. Zoom to an area and local parcel outlines will become visible for millions of properties in the United States. Click on an icon in the center of the property to see information such as parcel id, owner name, address where available. Link to the detailed record on the website of the local assessor / auditor clicking on the property's parcel number. Works in any version of Google Earth or standard GIS software.

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Market Solutions

We offer many solutions to different markets and industries. Outlined below are some of the uses specific to industry.





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