Real Estate Portal USA Eclipses 1100 Counties for National Parcel Layer

Real Estate Portal USA, a leading provider of web based real estate information for searching and mapping parcels, is excited to announce they have recently passed the 1,100 county threshold and currently have 1,173 counties nationally covering 70.5% of the population and totaling over 91 Million parcel polygon records.  Their download-ready data, stored in vectorized polygon format, not point location, is rich with attribution that includes APN, address, ownership, and dozens of other attributes as available.

The parcel data is accessible for search and browsing through their website (, though Google or Bing Maps, Google Earth via PARLAY, and for analysis in GIS software via ESRI shapefile or in spreadsheet format via Microsoft Excel export. PARLAY subscribers (Real Estate Portal USA’s Parcel layer for Google Earth) have instant access to the entire United States dataset.

All data are available for instant download in shapefile, Excel, or KML formats for easy analysis and visualization in GIS, spreadsheet, or Google Earth software.

This dataset’s unprecedented combination of size, interoperability, and freshness enhance its appeal to government, utilities, and the real estate, appraisal, legal, remote sensing, clean energy, data integration, and web & print mapping industries seeking to utilize the data in both regional and national scales.

Real Estate Portal USA’s parcel polygon count has more than doubled in 2010 from having 43 million in 2009 and nearly tripled the number of counties from 443 to 1,173 and is now one of the nation’s largest parcel data providers. They plan to continue to expand their coverage and grow significantly in 2011.

Real Estate Portal USA leads the industry in data freshness, with 80% of data updated within the last year and 50% updated in the last quarter.