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Help - How to Videos and Tutorials

This page includes both help videos and a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section addresses some of the functions of ReportallUSA's website. Video Demonstrations include help with:

  • Google Maps & Google Earth
  • Excel Export
  • Bing Maps w/ Bird's Eye Views
Exporting Search Results into a Microsoft Excel Google KML, or ESRI Shapefile formats
Jumping From Search Results to County and Government Sites
Download and Order County Parcel Data

Q: How do I print a map or a report?

A: On the map tab, the button will generate an Adobe .pdf file that you can directly print, download, mark-up, and share through email. This map will have either an Aerial Image background or a street map background depending on the layers you have turned on when you click the print button. We have aerial imagery for all 50 states, so printing maps and reports with the Aerial imagery can make an excellent exhibit. Additional information on the subject parcel is included in tabular format with the map.


Q: Can I search multiple records at the same time?

A: Yes. There are a few ways to search for multiple records at the same time. For starters, using the semicolon ; as a separator, multiple owner names, addresses, and parcel numbers can be searched. Example " 550 Main St; Broadway" will return both results, which in this case are specifically 550 Main St and any address along the street named Broadway. Next is the * symbol, which can be a wild-card for names. Search Smith* and you will get results of any name beginning with those letters as well as additional letters that fall after the * symbol. Some examples would be Smith, Smithers, Smitherington etc. Parcel Numbers can be searched by separating unique numbers with the semicolon ; but the * symbol will not work for this type of search.


Q: What are the benefits to creating an account?

A: By creating an account, our server tracks user data requests and purchases. If you make purchases while logged in, you can access your previous downloads. See À la carte downloading below for more details.


Q: How does the identify tool work?

A: The Identify button identify button image is a powerful tool that allows the user to examine the specific details of a particular feature. To identify a feature, make sure the layer is turned on in the layer list on the left panel on the page. Once it is on, the identify tool button can be clicked on to select the layer you wish to identify. Click on the map over the target feature to activate. The tool defaults to the parcel layer so you may wish to change the active layer from the drop down list in the button. Some layers default in the off position, so make sure the layer is on before engaging the identify tool. Once identified, a feature may have additional information appear in the upper left panel, such as a link to county specific records on a government web page. See Identify Examples below.

Identify Example 1 Screen Shot: Identify Example 2 Screen Shot


Q: How do I download property records or parcel data if I do not want to order an entire county data set?

A: Execute a search (Address, Owner, or Parcel#). Once the search results appear at the bottom of the table, a link will appear. Example: ExcelShapefileKML Export all 63 Click on this link and you will be taken to a check out page that will let you purchase and immediately download these records in Microsoft Excel (.XLS), Google KML, and ESRI Shapefile (.SHP) formats.


Q: How do I purchase a county data set?

A: Entire County datasets can be purchased through this link: or visit for more information and sample data.


Q: Are there links to other data sources on your site (Assessor, Auditor, Property Appraiser, GIS, and Recorder)?

A: Yes! Many of the counties have direct links to source records for their counties. Simply click on the parcel number of a result record and you will be linked directly to that record on the county's official web-site. Also, each record has a DATA button that you can click on to navigate to specific source records. These links will not only take you to the county's web site, but to the specific property you requested!


Q: I forgot my password. How can I recover or reset it?

A: Yes, you can recover your password by visiting the login page and clicking on the link "Forgot your password?"


Q: Why do some map layers not display or turn on when clicked?

A: Many of the map layers are too complex to draw at a small scale and other layers are too broad or coarse to show at close scales, so some limitations are placed on the layer. Layers like parcels, parcel labels, census blocks, census block groups, and streets only display at closer (larger) scales, whereas Layers like satellite imagery and USGS Topographical maps will display at moderate to small scales. Some layers that are important to scale are: Parcels, Parcel Labels, Zoning, Wetlands, Soils, Flood Zones, USGS Topo maps, FEMA Flood Maps, State and County Specific layers such as Lot Dimensions, Building Footprints, and Utilities.


Q: How do I buy or purchase data?

A: Simply run a search to access the results. A link to export all the records will appear and take you to a checkout screen. We use Paypal to process your order securely, and the data you need is available to download instantly!


Q: What is the pricing and discounting for data downloads?

A: There are two types of data downloads: à la carte downloads of a relatively small number of parcels, and county downloads of entire counties. Pricing and discounting work differently for them, as described below.

  1. À la carte downloads consist of one or more parcel records which you have identified by specifying some criteria on our search page or map page. (See FAQ Question 5 for details.) Pricing is per-record (per-parcel) according to the amortized pricing schedule below:

    À la carte Download Amortized Pricing
    Price per parcel Running total
    First 1 $1.99 $1.99
    Next 2 $0.99 $3.97
    Next 7 $0.50 $7.47
    Next 100 $0.25 $32.47
    Next 200 $0.15 $62.47
    Next 300 $0.12 $98.47
    Next 400 $0.10 $138.47
    Next 500 $0.05 $163.47
    Next … $0.03 $ …  
  2. County downloads consist of one or more counties you have selected from our county downloads page. Counties are priced differently. A discount is applied to a single order based on the order's total purchase price, according to the below discount schedule.

    County Download Order Volume Discount Schedule
    Order Price Between Volume Discount
    $2,500 -   $4,999.99 5%
    $5,000 -   $9,999.99 10%
    $10,000 -  $24,999.99 15%
    $25,000 -  $49,999.99 20%
    $50,000 -  $99,999.99 30%
    $100,000 - $199,999.99 40%
    $200,000 - $299,999.99 50%
    $300,000 - $399,999.99 60%
    $400,000 - $499,999.99 70%
    $500,000 -     …     75%


Q: Are there ways to directly reference a record or search result through a URL link from an outside web page?

A: Yes, use links like the below to jump directly to a parcel, address, or owner result on the map page:

  • By parcel id
  • By address
  • By owner name


Q: Is there a list of counties and states you service, and what information and attributes they contain?

A: Our parcel coverage is displayed in text form and on a map. Please visit U.S. Counties to see the complete list, including attributes. A jump to state menu can assist in speedy navigation of counties we cover. Please click on the Map to see a National County Map showing the current coverage of our data.

Q: How can I search by latitude and longitude?

A: You can search by a Latitude, Longitude coordinate by using our website's "Text Search" tab on our search page. Go to, click on "Text Search", and enter in the coordinates in either either decimal degrees (DDD) format like the below:

40.002372 -82.987289

or in Degrees, minutes, seconds (DMS) format like the below:

40° 0' 8.5392" -82° 59' 14.2404"

These input formats are similar to the lat/lon input format(s) of Google Maps. If no parcel is found at the given coordinate, a link will be shown allowing you to jump to the map at that location.

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