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Marcellus and Utica Shale Data Products

Marcellus Shale
Utica Shale



Wells in the Marcellus & Utica Formations

Over 500,000 wells displayed on map with lease ownership information.
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Marcellus Shale

One of the hottest plays in oil and gas exploration, the Marcellus shale covers large portions of PA, NY, WV and into OH, MD, and KY. Real Estate Portal USA offers access to land boundary and ownership records, via parcel polygon coverage that is much more accurate than parcel point location or address points. Our parcel data makes deed research, record retrieval, and site planning much easier. This ease of access expedites land record research and allows both the oil and gas industry and land owners access to up-to-date parcel boundaries.



Available Counties within 50 Miles of the Marcellus Shale Formation (click on image for large map)


Utica Shale

With coverage that overlaps the Marcellus shale and expands further west into Ohio, and north into Southern Ontario, the Utica shale is a booming oil and gas play. Located well below the Marcellus shale, the Utica is more expansive and possibly many times larger than the above shale resource. The map shows that the Utica formation extends well into Ohio, and this region has easier access to the Utica Shale as it is closer to the surface. We provide digital parcel data in 32 counties in Ohio along with nearly 100 total counties for the formation.


Available Counties within 50 Miles of the Utica Shale Formation (click on image for large map)



Products servicing Marcellus and Utica Shale:

As technology to reach previously inaccessible natural resources continues to expand, Real Estate Portal USA's platform offers enhanced access to parcel and ownership data at an unprecedented scale.

Data Downloads

Our data downloads let land researchers have instant 24 hour-a-day access to parcel coverage shapefiles and KML data, as well as excel spreadsheets containing the same data, all in tabular format. Each download has identical field and attribute names, so that multi-county purchases require no additional data transformation or re-projection in your GIS.


PARLAY- Real Estate Portal USA's Parcel layer product for Google Earth, PARLAY provides comprehensive coverage of parcel data overlaid in Google Earth. Accessible from Desktops or field mobile devices like tablet IPad or laptops. PARLAY gives you regional and local data overviews for field verification and ground based intelligence needed on site. When used in tandem with Google Earth's terrain models, the ownership layers can provide insight in to site selection and add dimension to spatial analyses.




Coming Soon: Reportall Plus

Enhanced web-based viewer allowing for parcel data interaction with multiple aerial mapping services, as well as U.S.G.S. Topographic maps. Reportall Plus is a low cost - high yield subscription to our interactive map and search utilities. Not only will it save valuable time as a multifaceted resource, it has all data integrated and standardized that make it ready for comprehensive analyses and decision support.



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