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Data Downloads

Data Downloads

Data Downloads & Exports

Visit our downloads page to view or order from our selection of county parcel data.

  • Exports in 3 standardized formats: Excel, ESRI Shapefile, KML
  • Pay by PayPal or by check ( for check payment)
  • Download complete county sets, or data à la carte
  • KML is not available for county purchases due to their large size, but are available for à la carte purchases

Example data

Try our sample data:

Basic Search

By using the Basic Search tab on our search page, a user can search by:

  • Address
  • Owner Name
  • Parcel Number (APN)

Advanced Search

By using the Advanced tab on our search page, a user can search by:

  • Sales Date and Price
  • Building Square Footage
  • Building Stories
  • Neighborhood Code
  • Land Use
  • Deeded or Calculated Acerage
  • School District

Identification Tool

By using the "Identify" button on our map page, a user can search by:

  • Point (by clicking a single parcel)
  • Rectangle (by drawing a box touching multiple parcels)

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