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PARLAY - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does my trial account last?

A. We provide a 14 day trial or 299 clicks to popup parcel attribute bubbles for users to test PARLAY 2.0's features.

2. I signed up for a trial some time ago. Can I still try PARLAY 2.0?

A. Yes! Please contact us at so that we can activate a new trial on your account.

3. How do I order Parlay?

A. Subscribing to PARLAY 2.0 is easy! Begin by running Google Earth and turning on the PARLAY layer.

Zoom in to any parcel anywhere and click on one of the parcel icons.

Next, a pop-up bubble will appear and at the bottom of the pop-up there is a link to subscribe to PARLAY. Click it.

A web browser window will open up in Google Earth and it will take you through the sign-up process for our web page

Then you log in and subscribe to either PARLAY's quarterly or annual subscriptions.

PARLAY is a subscription service, so you will need to create a Paypal Account to allow for recurring payments either annually or quarterly.

After you pay with PayPal, ensure that Google Earth has been restarted.

That is it! Your PARLAY account will no longer show the locked icon over parcel attributes in the pop-up bubbles.

4. I purchased a subscription and I want to use PARLAY on my workstations and my laptop. Can I do this?

A. PARLAY 2.0's license key can be installed on more than one computer, but for concurrent use of two or more people at the same time, you would need additional licenses. You can manage your subscriptions by logging in to and then clicking on "Account". From here, just click on the PARLAY download link and this assigned KML file will allow you to access your subscription through both of your machines once you have downloaded and clicked on the file.

Organization-wide licensing, and multi-license discount options are available. Please contact for more information.

5. Is there a way to show the parcel lines without having those block icons in the middle?

A. Yes! One of the top improvements to PARLAY 2.0 was the layer list. In Google Earth the left panel has a Places menu where you can find the controls for PARLAY. By clicking on a checkbox next to Parcel Points, you can toggle the visibility of the icons that appear within each parcel's boundaries. See below:

6. How do I cancel my subscription?

A. We manage our payments through PayPal, so first you must log in to PayPal ( Once logged in, you can cancel the recurring payment to Real Estate Portal USA by clicking on this link:

From here you can see all of your PayPal subscriptions. Click on the subscription you want to cancel.

Select which recurring payment you want to remove

Now, you just need to click on the cancel link underneath Subscription details. It will ask if you want to delete this profile and click Yes.

Click on the Cancel Link to remove subscription

Finally, when you look at your subscriptions, the status for the re-curring payment to Real Estate Portal will now read CANCELLED.

That's it!

7. I am zoomed in at the parcel point level. Why do I see two labels or names per parcel?

A. If you are running an older version of PARLAY or if you have saved PARLAY 2.0 into your places in Google Earth more than once, you may need to simply remove the duplicate entry by right mouse clicking on the name of the entry and then click 'Delete'.

8. What areas (Counties / States) are covered by PARLAY 2.0?

A. PARLAY 2.0 currently covers over 97.8% of the populated areas of the U.S. which includes 3093 U.S. counties. To view the entire list, alphabetically by state please click here.

9. Google Earth keeps prompting me for a username and password. How do I get past this?

A. You may have an old, expired PARLAY 1.0 layer active. PARLAY 2.0 does not issue these popups. If you are in Google Earth and see popups like the following:
old PARLAY 1.0 authentication dialog
Then you should take the following steps to remove the PARLAY 1.0 layer:
delete old PARLAY 1.0 layer
Find the layer PARLAY Parcels by Real Estate Portal USA underneath Places in Google Earth.
Hover over the layer and right click
On the menu select Delete, and then Ok to confirm.

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