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145.2 million properties,
97.1% of the population,
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Increase productivity, gain detailed local knowledge, and make better decisions with Real Estate Portal USA's PARLAY 2.0 parcel data layer. View parcel boundaries and attribute data with unprecedented detail and freshness. Zoom in to see the parcel outlines. Click on an icon in the center of the property to see information such as owner, address, and other details where available. Link to the detailed record on the website of the local assessor / auditor by clicking on the property's parcel number. Works in any version of Google Earth.

PARLAY Parcel Data Layer

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PARLAY 2.0 offers over 145.2 million parcel polygons to interact with in Google Earth.

What users say about PARLAY 2.0

"Your product is amazing!"

"The value proposition is huge"

"So simple to use"

"a great solution for medium size companies to use"

"... best value out there"

"... so many applications for PARLAY"

Over 30 million building footprints are just some of the new features included in PARLAY 2.0.

PARLAY 2.0 Utilizes our link-into technology that allows one-click direct access to assessor or taxing authority online records by clicking on the parcel ID Number, now in over 800 counties.

New layers for Counties and Municipalities show you where PARLAY 2.0 has coverage when you zoom in to view parcels.

Coverage Map for over 145.2 million properties.Free Trial includes 299 Free Parcel Detail "Pop-ups" and 14 days to try out all of PARLAY's features.

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