Land Ownership Map App with Online Property Lines

Is it important to you or your business to identify who owns the property, where one property ends and another begins?  Is it important to get ownership information for properties nearby? Information like owners name and mailing address?

LandGlide: Map App with Boundaries and Owner Data

LandGlide is a mobile app for your smartphone or tablet that instantly enables you to obtain property information while standing in a field, sitting in a car, or at the office. The LandGlide mobile app provides you with easy access to parcel boundaries and national property data throughout the entire U.S., specifically designed for the mobile user who requires instant access to determine a property’s location, boundary, address, ownership information, and other characteristics while outside of their home or office. Simply hovering over a property while using LandGlide allows you to instantly display this information.

Online Property Boundaries & Parcel Attributes

The GPS and the mobile device interacts with the map to give you real-time location-based intelligence. LandGlide is particularly helpful where clear boundary delineation is not easily determined. By overlaying the property boundaries with the aerial photo you will instantly see where one property ends and another begins with respect to your specific location. In addition to the location-based reference users can manually enter a property address, owner name, or county parcel ID from their home or office to instantly access over 143 million properties in over 2,700 counties across the U.S. LandGlide will help you identify property boundary and associated property attributes regardless of where you physically are. Because of continual updates and improvements to the data, LandGlide has become an important tool for the real estate, delivery, emergency, utility, energy, hunting, insurance, and forestry communities all as close as their mobile device.

View Property Lines as a Google Map Overlay On Your Mobile Device

If it is important to you or your business to be able to identify who owns the property and where one property ends and another begins, you will benefit from LandGlide. Are you ready to start saving time and money by taking property information on the road? Try LandGlide free by visiting the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. After the free trial, either monthly or annual subscriptions may be purchased. LandGlide is part of a growing list of products available from ReportAll.

For more information about LandGlide, including our national coverage map, corporate accounts and accessing property boundaries and attributes from a desktop using ReportAll Online, go to our LandGlide product page on the website.

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