Property Line App Identifies Owners of Vacant Homes

The team at ReportAll, creator of the property line app LandGlide, continues to discover unsolicited, complimentary, reviews and testimonials for LandGlide.  Recently we have discovered a few real estate investors on YouTube listing LandGlide as a preferred application to identify property owners and mailing addresses of vacant properties they would be interested in acquiring. If you have a unique use of LandGlide, or would like to tell us more about how this application has brought efficiencies to your life, email us your story and we’ll post it for other potential users to see.

On-Site Property Lines &  Data Pairs GPS & GIS Technology

LandGlide was designed to provide the ReportAll property lines and property attribute data, such as APN, zoning, taxes, acreage, property owner and other public record parcel data collected by the county, in a mobile app that could be accessed on-site using the GPS capabilities of the mobile device. With our background being in the real estate industry we knew real estate agents, real estate appraisers and property developers would certainly find an immediate use for the app, however, the ReportAll team is always interested to hear of new market segments emerging that we hadn’t even considered.

Popular for Recreation, Hunting, Logging & Real Estate

We have heard from users in the logging and timber harvesting industries who use the app to make sure they’re on the correct property, as well as to identify areas they may want to harvest from an adjacent property, and then use the app to get in touch with the owner to make an offer. We were also pleased to hear the app touted in this podcast for relic hunters, or history aficionados using metal detectors to hunt for historical artifacts. Read our post: Online Mapping & Property Lines Useful for Metal Detecting. In addition we’ve had many positive reviews from game hunters and other recreators using the property line application to identify a land owner and gain permission for temporary use of their land. And of course, we’ve known many in the real estate industry: real estate agents, appraisers and property developers, use the app to see roughly where the property spans. However, thanks to Flip Man, this is the first time we were made aware that LandGlide is such a critical tool for real estate investors looking to buy vacant homes.

LandGlide Recommended by Real Estate Investors

At least two self-proclaimed “house flippers” are promoting LandGlide as their preferred app for identifying property owners of vacant properties they are scouting – Flip Man and Max Maxwell. Flip Man has over 1.8 Million views and hundreds of videos teaching methods of wholesaling houses for a profit, he recommends using the LandGlide app to find property owner information of vacant houses. In his video from October of 2017, Find Who Owns That Vacant House | Wholesaling Houses & Real Estate Investing Tips Land Glide, Flip Man remarks, while demonstrating the LandGlide app:

“If you’re in front of an actual vacant house and the mailing address (found in the LandGlide app) is different from the vacant house, then you’re in business because it’s a way to reach out to the actual owner… Every property, if you tap on it, boom – it just gives you the information. And it gives you the address right down here at the bottom. Man, that’s powerful.  I’m so in love with this product right now. I’m strongly going to encourage you to test it out… The more tools that you have available to help you (make money), and this is not a very expensive tool at ten bucks a month, or a hundred bucks a year …. As the day of this video, this is the best one I have seen.”

Max Maxwell, another real estate investor on YouTube, promotes LandGlide in the first 45 seconds of his video and continues to demonstrate how he uses the LandGlide app for real estate investments at 5:15.  In the video “Wholesaling Real Estate | Driving For Dollars | Vlog 005” from November of 2017 he starts out by explaining two critical apps he uses to identify vacant homes and contact the owners. He says:

“I gotta tell you exactly what you need to have… App number one is LandGlide. LandGlide shows you real live tax data on who owns the property as you’re driving. Key. You need that one right? It’s about ten bucks a month but it’s well worth it.” 

Use the links below to download LandGlide, our location-based Android, iPhone, and iPad mobile app giving you full-featured property boundary maps including property line and land boundary overlays, on your device: