New LandGlide Feature Allows Pinning and Exporting Lists of Parcel Data

New LandGlide feature just announced.

New LandGlide feature just announced. Pin multiple location data sets and share with others – or send it to yourself for use later.

ReportAll is constantly working to improve. We’re adding additional counties and related property data constantly, as well as adding features which are intended to make your job easier.

LandGlide, a mobile app available on iPhone and Android devices,  gives users the ability to search property lines and parcel records on-site with real estate property boundary overlays as the GPS from users’ devices interact with online maps to deliver real-time, location-based intelligence.

Now LandGlide users have the ability to pin multiple locations which can then be exported via .csv file. You can now share these locations with others in your office or anywhere your associates have internet access. Share locations, along with all of the standard ReportAll property parcel data, while you’re in the field. Whether you send this information across the country, to another office, or to yourself for use once back at your desk, you can quickly and easily capture multiple locations of interest for review later.

Real Estate Professionals & Property Investors Use New Feature:

Real estate professionals and property investors typically drive around searching newly listed houses or vacant properties that could be targeted for rehabbing or “house flipping.” With this new feature realtors and property investors can drop a pin at the location in which they’re interested, continue driving to the next one, drop a pin, etc. After their field research is complete this feature allows users to export the days list and email it to clients, associates, other collaborators or to themselves to be used back at the office on their desktop system. From there, users merge the list with a Word document to send out a mailing. This new feature saves time for real estate, property investors, house flippers and other professionals who perform field research while it captures and preserves a great deal of GIS and parcel data – including property lines, property boundaries and other attributes that can entail school district, acreage, property owner information, tax data and more. (Parcel attributes available vary by county and can be seen when choosing county from our national parcel database)

Land Developers Use New LandGlide Feature

Land developers with multiple employees are frequently tasked with identifying prime areas for development. These land development professionals can now save and send their locations to co-workers, collaborators and other associates for their consideration. They can merge the latitude/longitude with other location data to see the property parcel of interest on a map. Multiple pins can be logged and shared quickly and easily to lock in property parcel data such as; property ownership information, building data, property lines, parcel boundaries and more, along with our added new feature which captures latitude and longitude data resulting in a familiar “pin”.

The team at ReportAll is excited to add this additional capability to our already powerful, industry-leading LandGlide application and are confident the uses of our new feature will exceed our imagination.  If you’re already a LandGlide user let us know how you’re utilizing the new pin feature by emailing us at or post your uses on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re not already using LandGlide, visit Google Play or the Apple App store and take it for a free, 7-day trial.

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