The Cost of Free Parcel Property Line Data

Free isn’t free when comparing property data sets from multiple counties or parishes 

Data wants to be free was an early sentiment for internet users. Information should be freely available, especially from local, state or federal government. In theory, this sounds great. In practice, free data can be very expensive. 

Private ownership of property is one of the USA’s founding principles. Parcel property data has been recorded and made available to the public since the early days of this country. Local government has been responsible for keeping updated property ownership and parcel boundary data in order to settle any disputes as well as for taxation. Publicly available originally meant viewing plat maps at the office of the local taxing authority 

Now with the internet, many people expect to find all of the property information needed for zero cost. While taxes may cover gathering and updating county records, making that data available in a wide variety of formats, completeness and accuracy is beyond the responsibility of the local taxpayer 

Cost of Accurate Parcel Data. Regularly Updated.

There is a large cost to acquiring and comparing property data sets from multiple sources. Standardization of this information in a consistent, organized manner, regardless of origin allows for informed decisions – especially in time-sensitive situations. While free property data services may offer relatively consistent records, if that data isn’t updated on a frequent basis it may be worth what you paid – nothing. 

ReportAllUSA has made the commitment and investment to gather, organize and standardize parcel property data for over 149 million parcels across the U.S.

The entire dataset is kept up-to-date regularly, ensuring the data is accurate and complete regardless of location being researched. Datasets are available in a variety of configurations to economically solve your queries, whether a single county or the entire U.S. 

Free Time? Free Parcel Data.

Is your time free? Spend it wisely. ReportAllUSA has property data products designed to deliver regularly updated local or national information efficiently and cost-effectively, based upon the quantity and reach you need.  When looking at each ReportAll data set you will notice the last date our parcel data was updated. Free parcel data does not typically list the last date updated and can be years old and no longer relevant – or accurate. The speed, consistency and accuracy found in our property data greatly outweighs the relative cost savings of so-called “free” property data.

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