Access LandGlide® Property Data On All Devices

You Asked, We Listened – LandGlide® for the Web is Here!

We’re excited to announce that the LandGlide® app you know and love is now available on your computer’s web browser for enhanced viewing of your properties and locations. The best part? All of your saved locations from the app will now be available on the computer for a seamless transition during your work day – with access to over 150 million parcel records in over 3,100 counties – covering more than 95% of the U.S. population.

We’re also excited to share an inside look at the new LandGlide® features, including a new measurement tool for distance and area across parcels, and easy user access across multiple devices.

Seamless Workflow From Field to Office

LandGlide® now offers the same mobile experience users have come to rely on for computers, creating a seamless workflow from field to office. You can now create and access saved locations and notes from the palm of your hand to the click of your mouse.

Access all of the same property data with ease on a larger screen, while using your preferred web browser for further analysis. While out working in the field, simply drop a pin on the mobile app to save a property for easy access later on your computer. Once back at the office, utilize the measurement tools and add detailed notes to your saved locations. With LandGlide® for the web, users now have the ability to export saved properties and the parcel data they depend on, like Property Owner, Acreage, Square Footage, Property Address, Transfer Data, School District, Sale Price, Building Description and more!

New LandGlide® Measurement Features

You asked, we delivered. LandGlide® now includes one of the most requested features from users, measurement capabilities! This new, easy-to-use feature allows users to determine distance and conduct area measurement analysis. With the click to measure functionality, users can now simply measure data within or across parcels to learn key information such as the depth of a property, frontage or acreage. This new measurement tool also calculates linear distances, or area measurement of spaces separately or together. 

Watch the video below to see this feature in action! 

LandGlide® User Account Updates

With updated account features, LandGlide® users can now access saved data on multiple applications and devices with one user account login. By simply utilizing your existing app login credentials, you can access your account, including all of your saved locations from other devices. This new feature applies to users who utilize multiple devices, such as a phone and tablet — even those who work across iOS and Android platforms.

With LandGlide® now available on your computer, we’re excited to continue to add new features to enhance our users’ working experience. That means, we want to hear from you! 

Tell us what you absolutely love about LandGlide® and what you might like to see by leaving a comment below or emailing

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