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    Leverage our national parcel database for more informed decision making in your industry. Whether it's an on-site, location-based mobile app, an online search by specific criteria, or a parcel data layer API in your own GIS application, you will find our up-to-date, instant access, 24/7 parcel data fits your needs.
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    Hunting and Outdoor Recreation: Find Property Ownership Information

    Property information at home, at work and in the field.

    Hunting & Outdoor Recreation: Property Lines & Ownership Information

    The outdoor recreation industry in the U.S. accounts for over $880 billion in annual consumer spending and creates 7.6 million American jobs. Making up part of the outdoor recreation industry is over 12.5 million people in the U.S. who hunt.

    The recent evolution of GIS and GPS technology makes exploring the outdoors for a variety of recreational activities more convenient. Whether it’s hunting, hiking, camping, off-roading, skiing, exploring or another form of outdoor recreation, having access to property lines and ownership data allows outdoor enthusiasts to identify public lands, private lands and obtain property owner information for purposes of gaining permission for property use. From scouting new areas and identifying property owners, to locating property boundaries, the marriage of GPS and parcel data has allowed hunting and outdoor recreation enthusiasts more access to mobile apps and software that can help in their hunting and outdoor recreation expeditions.

    View property lines and parcel data on-site

    LandGlide: Outdoor recreation enthusiasts can view property lines and property data on-site, using the GPS signal from their mobile device and the LandGlide Application available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

    Research and Identify Prime Areas from Your Desktop

    ReportAll Online: The advanced search feature of ReportAll Online enables hunters and other outdoor recreationalists to research an area from their desktop, identify prime areas for exploring, off-roading or hunting by searching with a physical address, acreage criteria or other property characteristic. Using ReportAll Online will reveal property lines and property owner for the identified area that can be downloaded, printed and used to explore the site or used to contact the property owner for permission to hunt, ski or explore.

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