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    Leverage our national parcel database for more informed decision making in your industry. Whether it's an on-site, location-based mobile app, an online search by specific criteria, or a parcel data layer API in your own GIS application, you will find our up-to-date, instant access, 24/7 parcel data fits your needs.
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    Appraisal: Online Property Lines National Database

    Online Property Lines and Parcel Data Nationwide with One Account

    Real Estate Appraisal Industry

    Real estate appraisers are an instrumental component of the real estate market. Mortgage companies and lending institutions rely on a qualified appraisal professional using their expertise, tools and ability to assess the market value of residential properties before lending money to purchase, refinance or make a home equity loan on a house. Bankruptcy attorneys, estate attorneys and divorce attorneys also rely on appraisals to assess the assets and liabilities of an individual for potential distribution and other legal affairs.

    It wasn’t long ago that real estate appraisers relied on physical plat map books to determine the property line of a residence they would be appraising. If you look at a residential appraisal report from 10 or 20 years ago, chances are there is a photocopy of that plat map to illustrate the property footprint and parcel boundaries. However, with the advancement of location-based tools over the past two decades, GIS and GPS technology has made getting property lines and parcel data online much more convenient. Property appraisers today still access county records, either by acquiring physical plat map books, or searching the county records online, to view property lines and property characteristics important in the appraisal process. Under these conditions appraisers covering multiple counties typically navigate through dozens of county websites, each county website with a different set of terms and conditions to agree to, many with login credentials needed, and all subject to low load times and technical difficulties.

    ReportAll delivers a variety of one-stop solutions for the residential real estate appraiser by offering low cost, instant access parcel data downloads, available 24/7, with coverage of over 99.2% of all property parcels in the United States on one platform with one set of user credentials. All parcel data includes property lines and available property attributes, including property owner and mailing address, for over 158.5M parcels.

    Search Properties in All Available Counties, in All 50 States, Using One Account

    ReportAll Online: ReportAll Online enables appraisers to search properties in all available counties, in all 50 states, using one account to simplify research on comparable properties, property footprint and property line sketches for their report. The advanced search feature allows the appraiser to search by address, APN or by using other criteria like acreage, zoning and other available property characteristics. Using ReportAll Online from their desktop before visiting the property prepares the appraiser with all the property lines and parcel data necessary to begin their valuation process and search for comparable properties.

    View Property Lines and Property Data On-Site

    LandGlide: Property appraisers can view property lines and property data on-site, using the GPS signal from their mobile device and the LandGlide Application available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

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