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    Leverage our national parcel database for more informed decision making in your industry. Whether it's an on-site, location-based mobile app, an online search by specific criteria, or a parcel data layer API in your own GIS application, you will find our up-to-date, instant access, 24/7 parcel data fits your needs.
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    Simplifying Insurance Risk Assessment with Online GIS Property Data

    Property information and parcel data at your desk and online for the insurance industry.

    Greater information leads to increased accuracy.

    Determining competitive and profitable insurance rates for given areas is dependent on a wide variety of factors. The widespread adoption of GIS mapping software and the addition of specific data layers brings an incredible amount of information to your desktop or in the field on your mobile device. Publicly available property data used in conjunction with national hazard maps simplifies understanding this overwhelming amount of data.

    Simplify data gathering.

    Government information, such as FEMA Risk Mapping, Assessment and Planning, is extremely valuable but also too general when looking at underwriting specific properties. Additional property level data is necessary to accurately assess risk.

    Combining this general GIS data with a convenient, powerful tool which delivers property specific data is the key. ReportAll's nationwide property database provides property boundaries and property data including ownership, age of structure, school district, land use, acreage, square footage and much more. Review neighborhood and community information to determine relative valuations when comparing similar properties and historical claim events.

    Access property data in the field.

    LandGlide: Insurance professionals are able to access property data while viewing a property using ReportAll's LandGlide app. Age of structure, square footage, zoning and many other attributes are instantly available for not only the property being considered but comparable nearby properties and structures. Assessing the local neighborhood and community can be as valuable as viewing the property itself.

    Parcel information and mapping data at your desktop

    ReportAll Online: Advanced search features of ReportAll Online provide insurance underwriters property data which can be readily combined with wider community information and GIS mapping data right from your desktop. This helps identify whether a property is not only located within a potential hazard zone but where it is exactly within the zone. Additional factors may be considered, such as whether fire hydrants are available and the distance to local services such as fire and police.

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