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    At ReportAll our data collection and data development teams are constantly working to add and update county parcel data. Our update schedule produces the most current National Parcel Polygon Layer available and contains data attributes that are consistently normalized, making it simple for you to use the data within your applications. Our pricing structure provides volume discounts for bundled counties and also allows for perpetual use of the data as well as free access to data updates for a period of 6 months.

    Coverage for Key Attributes in Elko County

    Attribute coverage percentages (the fraction of records with nonempty values) for select attributes in this dataset are listed below.

    • Owner: 99.9%
    • Site Address: 99.9%
    • Parcel Number: 100%
    • Mailing Address: 99.9%
    • Acreage (Calculated): 100%

    Parcel Attributes in Elko County

    • Parcel Number
    • Site Address
    • Owner
    • Building Size
    • Land Use Code
    • Land Use Class
    • Acreage (calculated)
    • Perimeter
    • Municipality
    • School District
    • Zip Code
    • Flood Zone
    • Flood Zone Subtype
    • Census Tract
    • Census Block Group
    • Census Block
    • Total Market Value
    • Land Market Value
    • Mail Name
    • Mail Address1
    • Mail Address3
    • Bedrooms
    • Total Bath
    • Addr Sec Unit Num
    • Place Gnis Code
    • Land Cover
    • Elevation
    • Owner Occupied
    • Robust Id
    • Usps Residential
    • Plss Description
    • Plss Township
    • Plss Range
    • Plss Section
    • Crop Cover
    • Acreage Adjacent With Sameowner

    Municipalities Represented in Elko County

    The count of records that appears within the county dataset for each municipality is listed below.

    • Carlin CCD: 1,191
    • Elko CCD: 26,977
    • Jackpot CCD: 917
    • Jarbidge CCD: 683
    • Montello CCD: 8,968
    • Mountain City CCD: 1,402
    • Wells CCD: 3,477
    • West Wendover CCD: 1,405

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