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    Leverage our national parcel database for more informed decision making in your industry. Whether it's an on-site, location-based mobile app, an online search by specific criteria, or a parcel data layer API in your own GIS application, you will find our up-to-date, instant access, 24/7 parcel data fits your needs.

    National Parcel Data and Coverage

    Utilizing our database technology Real Estate Portal USA can provide your organization and its applications access to over 158.4 million parcel polygons covering over 99.2% of the U.S. population. Our polygon data are utilized by a multitude of clients across many industries and is the most comprehensive and up-to-date nationwide parcel dataset available.

    Uniform Attribute Format and Layout

    Our patented data normalization and transformation processes make for simple data interaction for search and full integration into your application. Common attributes such as PIN, Address, and Owner are among the many attributes we clean and transform to a standard format and naming convention. The standards in attribution set at the county level scale to the national data set.


    All records are in polygon form, rendering beautifully in web and GIS applications and facilitating powerful analysis of location, area, dimensions, and neighboring properties. The data are deliverable in shapefile and other geo formats.

    Fresh Data

    Our parcel boundary data are continuously maintained with over 90 percent updated within 12 months and 70 percent within 6 months.

    Parcel Data Overlays

    Display parcel data in your Google API or Bing API web application

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