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    Note: The parcel schema below is for the output of our ArcGIS API. For our Standard API, see our Standard API Data Dictionary.

    Name Alias Description Type
    county_id County Id County FIPS Identifier esriFieldTypeInteger
    cty_row_id County Row Id esriFieldTypeInteger
    parcel_id Parcel Id Parcel Identification Number (PIN) / Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) esriFieldTypeString
    alt_id_1 Alternate Id 1 Alternate Id 1 esriFieldTypeString
    alt_id_2 Alternate Id 2 Alternate Id 2 esriFieldTypeString
    county_name County Name County Name esriFieldTypeString
    muni_name Municipality Name Municipality Name esriFieldTypeString
    census_place Place Census Place Name esriFieldTypeString
    state_abbr State Abbreviation State Abbreviation esriFieldTypeString
    address Site Address Physical/Site Address esriFieldTypeString
    addr_number Site House Number Physical/Site House Number esriFieldTypeString
    addr_street_prefix Site Street Prefix Physical/Site Street Prefix esriFieldTypeString
    addr_street_name Site Street Name Physical/Site Street Name esriFieldTypeString
    addr_street_suffix Site Street Suffix Physical/Site Street Suffix esriFieldTypeString
    addr_street_type Site Street Type Physical/Site Street Type esriFieldTypeString
    addr_city Site City Physical/Site City esriFieldTypeString
    addr_zip Site Zip Code Physical/Site Zip Code esriFieldTypeString
    addr_zipplusfour Site Zip+4 Part Physical/Site Zip+4 Code Part esriFieldTypeString
    census_zip Site Census Zip Code Census Zip Code esriFieldTypeString
    owner Owner Owner Name esriFieldTypeString
    mail_name Mailing Name Mailing Name esriFieldTypeString
    mail_address1 Mailing Address Line 1 House number Street name Street type or PO Box esriFieldTypeString
    mail_address2 Mailing Address Line 2 Suite number, Building number, or other mailing information esriFieldTypeString
    mail_address3 Mailing Address Line 3 City, State, and Zip esriFieldTypeString
    mail_recipient Mailing Address Recipient Mailing Address Recipient esriFieldTypeString
    mail_uspsbox Mailing Address USPS Box Mailing Address USPS Box esriFieldTypeString
    mail_addressnumber Mailing Address Street Number Mailing Address Street Number esriFieldTypeString
    mail_streetnamepre Mailing Address Street Name Prefix Mailing Address Street Name Prefix esriFieldTypeString
    mail_streetname Mailing Address Street Name Mailing Address Street Name esriFieldTypeString
    mail_streetnameposttype Mailing Address Street Name Post Type Mailing Address Street Name Post Type esriFieldTypeString
    mail_streetnamepostdirectional Mailing Address Street Name Post Directional Mailing Address Street Name Post Directional esriFieldTypeString
    mail_subaddressoccupancy Mailing Address Subaddress Occupancy Mailing Address Subaddress Occupancy esriFieldTypeString
    mail_placename Mailing Address Place Name Mailing Address Place Name esriFieldTypeString
    mail_statename Mailing Address State Name Mailing Address State Name esriFieldTypeString
    mail_zipcode Mailing Address Zip Code Mailing Address Zip Code esriFieldTypeString
    mail_countryname Mailing Address Country Name Mailing Address Country Name esriFieldTypeString
    owner_occupied Owner Occupied Owner Occupied 'Yes' or 'No' esriFieldTypeString
    usps_residential USPS Residential USPS 'Residential' or 'Commercial' classification. esriFieldTypeString
    trans_date Transfer Date Most Recent Transfer (Sale) Date esriFieldTypeDate
    sale_price Sale Price Sale Price esriFieldTypeDouble
    mkt_val_land Land Market Value Land Market Value esriFieldTypeDouble
    mkt_val_bldg Improvement Market Value Improvement Market Value esriFieldTypeDouble
    mkt_val_tot Total Market Value Total Market Value esriFieldTypeDouble
    buildings Num Buildings Num Buildings esriFieldTypeInteger
    bldg_sqft Building Area SqFt Building / Home area in square feet esriFieldTypeInteger
    year_built Year Built Year Built esriFieldTypeInteger
    ngh_code Neighborhood Code Neighborhood Code esriFieldTypeString
    land_use_code Land Use Code Land Use Code esriFieldTypeString
    land_use_class Land Use Class Derived Land Use Class ('Residential', 'Agricultural', 'Commercial', 'Tax Exempt', 'Industrial', or 'Mineral') esriFieldTypeString
    story_height Story Height Story Height esriFieldTypeDouble
    legal_desc1 Legal Description 1 Legal Description 1 esriFieldTypeString
    legal_desc2 Legal Description 2 Legal Description 2 esriFieldTypeString
    legal_desc3 Legal Description 3 Legal Description 3 esriFieldTypeString
    school_district School District School District esriFieldTypeString
    acreage_deeded Deeded Acreage Deeded acreage from source esriFieldTypeDouble
    acreage_calc Calculated Acreage Acreage calculated from area of geometry esriFieldTypeDouble
    acreage_adjacent_with_sameowner Acreage Adjacent With Same Owner Calculated acreage of this and nearby parcels having the same owner esriFieldTypeDouble
    census_block Census Block Census Block esriFieldTypeInteger
    census_blkgrp Census Block Group Census Block Group esriFieldTypeInteger
    census_tract Census Tract Census Tract esriFieldTypeInteger
    fld_zone Flood Zone(s) Flood Zone(s) esriFieldTypeString
    zone_subty Flood Zone Subtype(s) Flood Zone Subtype(s) esriFieldTypeString
    zoning Zoning Zoning esriFieldTypeString
    latitude Latitude Latitude of a point within the parcel esriFieldTypeDouble
    longitude Longitude Longitude of a point within the parcel esriFieldTypeDouble
    elevation Elevation (Ft) Elevation of property, in feet esriFieldTypeDouble
    robust_id Robust Id Property record identifier likely to remain consistent across updates, particularly if a property's parcel_id is unchanged and distinct within its county. esriFieldTypeString
    last_updated Last Updated YYYY-QQ Year and quarter the data was last updated esriFieldTypeString

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