Online Mapping & Property Lines Useful for Metal Detecting

Relic hunters Heath Jones and Scott Duncan host an online talk show, History Seekers, committed to recovering hidden history through metal detecting. History Seekers provides information pertaining to the use of metal detectors to “hunt” historically relevant areas in search of artifacts from Civil War sites, pioneer trails, mining camps and can include, buttons, bullets and other relics.

In an episode this year, “Finding great spots outside of the box thinking,” these relic hunters recommended using ReportAll’s mobile application, LandGlide.  LandGlide works with the GPS on your mobile phone to provide on-site property lines and property attributes, including owner name and address. These relic hunters advocate for always obtaining permission from a land owner before using metal detectors to hunt for artifacts but identifying who the land owner is when you’re on site can be near impossible without the GIS technology incorporated in our mobile app.

LandGlide App Recommended by Relic Hunters

The episode is over 64 minutes long and covers conflicts metal detectors can have with archaeologists (28:43) as well as filing a freedom of information act to obtain full reports and academic studies created by archaeologists with federal grant money. At 51:30 the hosts recommend LandGlide:

“It is absolutely one of the best apps I have found… you can literally take your finger and find the land owner. It will tell you who the land owner is right there. It interfaces with the GPS on your phone. And the cool thing is too, you can use that when you’re out detecting. Scott and I have used that to make sure we didn’t go over onto someone else’s land inadvertently in the woods because it’s not always marked.”

Mobile App for Property Lines & Parcel Data

LandGlide is a mobile app that allows you to take property lines and parcel data on the road. Available for download on the Apple App Store and on Google Play, LandGlide works with the GPS in your device to give you real-time, location-based intelligence for over 145.3 million parcel records covering over 97.1% of the U.S population.  On your desktop, for areas of interest that lack a cellular signal, use PARLAY 2.0 to overlay property lines and parcel data as a layer with Google Earth to research parcel lines and property owner information before you go on site.

If you have heard any other uses of our LandGlide app, please let us know. We know the app is a favorite with hunters, forestry professionals, outdoor recreation specialists (dirt bike, motocross, ATV, snow mobile, etc.) and even home buyers and realtors that want on-site parcel data while comparing properties, but if there’s another group of people finding this property line app useful, we would like to hear from you.

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