Am I Trespassing if My Drone Crosses into My Neighbors’ Property Boundary?

New DroneGlide™ Fence software is the answer to keeping your drone safely within your own property lines. 

The stories are out there – “Man shoots drone out of sky with shotgun for hovering over sunbathing daughters”. Intentional or innocent mistake, flying over neighboring property lines, whether legal or not, can still cause problems. Angry neighbors are often irrational and not above throwing rocks at your expensive UAV. Also, the legal aspect is changing as drones become more commonplace and local politicians receive more and more complaints.  

This is a growing problem looking for a simple solution. 

ReportAllUSA is the company behind the popular property line map app LandGlide®, which utilizes a combination of GPS and GIS property boundary and property ownership data. The result is real-time map display of property lines and owner information on your mobile device.  

DroneGlide Fence is a sibling to our proven LandGlide application, using the industry’s freshest property boundary map data to perform “reverse geofencing”.

Rather than keeping your drone from flying into restricted areas, the DJI™ compatible software will not allow your drone to leave the property from which it’s launched. This means it works with not only your own property lines, but with over 97% of all of the properties in the continental U.S. Property data is also being added for Canada and New Zealand on a constant basis as the data becomes available. 

How DroneGlide Fence will ultimately be used and where – personal recreational use or commercial applications – will be answered by our users. Mobile property line applications and affordable, easy to operate drones are a recent phenomenon. It’s impossible to know how this technology may benefit all of us but we’re looking forward to the ride.  

Visit Google Play to download a free trial version.