ReportAll: 2021 Review + 2022 Preview

The Smart Choice For Parcel Data Grew Smarter in 2021, And We’re Not Done Yet.

At ReportAll, 2021 was a year of ever-expanding parcel data coverage. Adding to our already robust platform, you now have access to 155+ million parcels covering over 3,100 counties covering 98.8% of the United States population. Better yet, even more data will soon debut in 2022, along with updated attribute information and innovative new features that will make access to accurate spatial records from anywhere even more effortless.

Discover improved API features, a fresh new look for LandGlide™, even more building footprints, and more across all ReportAll parcel data solutions. The launch of LandGlide for the web allows you to access property and parcel data on your mobile phone, tablet, and desktop computer, creating a seamless workflow from field to office.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

In 2021, we added 1,445,050 property parcels and 44 new counties to our U.S. parcel data layer. We also enhanced our data by adding 3,058,976 owner names across 107 U.S. counties to our U.S. parcel data layer. Additionally, our growing collection of building footprint data crossed the 100-million threshold and now totals 122+ million polygon footprints and counting.

With LandGlide for the web, you may now save and export locations, each including over a dozen unique property parcel data attributes. And since you only need one LandGlide subscription, you can access all of your data across multiple devices – on your phone or tablet while out in the field or on your web browser while back at the office. Access LandGlide’s expansive parcel layer, including all the attributes you need, from property owner to acreage and square footage. Plus, utilize the County Link feature to get even more detailed information from county sites where available.

A Look Back at ReportAll In 2021

At ReportAll, our goal is to build on the success we achieved in 2021 by continuing to elevate the quality and coverage of our parcel data across our full suite of property solutions throughout 2022.


The LandGlide® mobile app – now accessible via your web browser – continued its rapid evolution in 2021, granting you new features, capabilities, and more key details on individual property parcels than ever before. Access high-quality, low-cost spatial data on demand with the power of both GPS and GIS geospatial technology. Use your current location to put national parcel data in the palm of your hand, even for properties without landmarks or site addresses.

The addition of distance and area measurement tools makes LandGlide even more essential for property professionals, letting you quickly determine length and area measurement on any device. Simply draw a line or polygon across multiple map segments to calculate distance and conduct area measurement analysis with our click-to-measure functionality.

Not only does LandGlide allow you to save individual locations, you now have the ability to annotate each one with a custom label or tag, set pin color, upload images, and even navigate to a location with a single tap. Saved Location search makes finding and referencing saved properties fast and easy, no matter how many locations you have saved to your account.

Such enhancements are among the innovative features LandGlide users turn to most. As we mentioned, LandGlide is no longer just a mobile app, as you can now enjoy a seamless connection between your mobile device and office computer, allowing access to all the features that your favorite parcel data app has to offer from practically anywhere. Save locations and make notes while out in the field, then view and export those saved locations from your desktop’s web browser back at the office. It’s as simple as a tap of a finger or the click of a mouse.

Building Footprints

Designed to assist with tasks like geofencing, rooftop geocoding, risk assessment, and structure identification, the ReportAll library of over 120 million unique building footprints includes both residential and commercial properties. An invaluable dataset for industry professionals in real estate, insurance, telecommunications, and more, ReportAll’s building footprints are sourced directly from local jurisdictions across all 50 states.

All records appear in polygon form and are downloadable in shapefile format where available for smooth integration with other software applications. With building footprints from ReportAll, not only can you swiftly identify the number of buildings on a given property, you have the power to pinpoint structures hidden in aerial photos, identify risk hazards from water and nearby trees, confirm a primary building’s exact location, and more.

Even better, additional high-quality building footprints mean better parcel data, improved building count and vacancy information, and increasingly accurate address geolocation capabilities.

ReportAll API

In case you haven’t already tried it, our next-gen API connectivity fuses with your chosen software, enabling you to access ReportAll parcel data from within your current application’s interface. Search for property information as ReportAll API operates in unison with your existing app technology to incorporate critical data no matter your platform, including Google Maps and Bing applications.

Our latest API improvements are led by the integration of mailing address component attributes that make API data simpler to interpret. Mailing addresses are now broken down into separate fields. Oh, and did we mention that our exceptional parcel data includes everything except the traditional markup that other providers often charge?

A Peek at What Lies Ahead in 2022

LandGlide® 4.2

The latest version of LandGlide® (4.2) brings you enhanced property details pages, convenient search functionality, and no shortage of refreshed parcel data attributes.

View accurate property and real estate parcels on your smart device or tablet with information like deeded and calculated acre totals. You will see how much acreage is forested and how much is covered by open water – all with a fresh new look that aims to make land-cover assessment quick and easy.

Reference land-use code and class designation, property elevation, occupation status, and, of course, full mailing address. On top of that, names of property owners are now available in more counties than ever. Of course, you also receive access to real-time market value estimates that identify both land and building values.

Try LandGlide free for seven days.

Parlay 2.0

If you use Google Earth, you have got to try PARLAY 2.0 to view property lines, parcel boundaries, and detailed attribute data for 154.5 million real estate parcels that represent over 98.8% of the U.S. population.

The innovative PARLAY 2.0 parcel data layer pairs with Google Earth to help you be more productive, equipping you with local knowledge so that you can make more informed decisions. And soon, with the addition of self-service corporate accounts, you can manage individual user licenses and take advantage of team discounts and platform features without the need to contact the ReportAll support team (unless you just want to say ‘hello,’ of course). View parcel boundaries up-close and access parcel attributes and information such as property owner, address, and more with the tap of your finger. Witness it all for yourself with a 14-day free trial.

Your Go-To For Parcel Data, In or Away From the Office

At ReportAll, we know that our parcel solutions and technology are only as valuable as our property data is accurate, organized, and readily available anytime, anywhere. It is for that reason that we are committed to using momentum gathered in 2021 to advance both the quality and coverage of our parcel data all throughout 2022.

“Our focus remains closing outstanding coverage gaps while amplifying both the richness and usability of our property attribute datasets, including building footprints. On behalf of the entire ReportAll team, we thank you for your continued feedback and support as we work to make access to high-quality, low-cost spatial data from anywhere easier and more affordable than you ever thought possible.”

— Paul Keppel, ReportAll Manager of Business Development

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