On The Hunt For Full-Size Candy With LandGlide

A look at unique ways our team uses LandGlide and how professionals use it in various industries.

How Does The ReportAll Team Use LandGlide®?

Ever have trouble remembering which house passes out the best Halloween candy on your street, or which ones you can pass up? LandGlide can help with that. Our team shares some unique ways they use LandGlide while outside of work. 

  • Trick or Treat. Track the best candy spots on your annual trick or treat route with the LandGlide pin feature. Tags can be used with pins to identify where those all important full size candy bar houses are, or even the ones that hand out toothpaste. You can also use LandGlide pins during the holiday season to mark the best light displays. With the new image upload feature, you can add up to 5 photos to help jog your memory the next time.
  • No More Forgetting Names. From looking up your new neighbors names (also checking to see how much they paid), to double checking your great aunt’s address as you finalize your holiday card mailing list – LandGlide provides easy access to owner information at the tap of your finger or click of a mouse.
  • Outdoor Activity Approved. Whether you’re in need of calculating your walking route around the neighborhood or organizing your favorite bird watching spots – LandGlide features make it easy to measure and leave notes to track favorite spots, routes or bird species sightings. 

These are just a few of the ways our team uses the LandGlide app for more than just property data. We bet you never thought of using a GIS app for that!

Not Your Average GIS Application

LandGlide® is a geographic information system (GIS) app used to access key parcel data using GPS technology. The Real Estate industry is no stranger to LandGlide®: realtors, property owners, and driving for dollars investors use LandGlide® to access millions of parcel records and property line data. However, there are many more ways to use LandGlide’s parcel data applications to power your business.

From property owner info to bird watching, and inspired by ReportAll employees and actual users, we’ve collected some of the most creative responses to the question: How do you LandGlide? Read on to learn about how industry professionals and our own staff use LandGlide on a daily basis.

LandGlide is Trusted by Various Industries and Applications

LandGlide is utilized by customers across many industries to accomplish key business objectives every day. With over 155 million records, accounting for 95% of the U.S. population, LandGlide® provides instant access to property details, various map views, and the ability to annotate and curate your own property record database.

See how these industries utilize LandGlide®:

Real Estate: From owners to builders, LandGlide® proves to be invaluable in finding owner information, evaluating land and determining property boundaries. 

“LandGlide is a great tool for evaluating land, especially with the built in link to local tax assessments.” – Home Builder

“As a realtor and real estate investor I’m always looking for property and owner contact information, this app is the best at providing the content needed.” – Realtor

Surveying: Ditch the courthouse research; land surveyors can save time with LandGlide to quickly find property information and make further assessments. 

“I have been a surveyor for 31 years and have used this app for years now and this app is a time saver.” – Surveyor

“I find this app very valuable. I use it all the time to analyze and measure and make notes about properties I’m evaluating.” – Surveyor 

Recreation: This hunting season, many will access LandGlide to gauge their proximity to property boundaries and to save the locations of their stands. 

Try LandGlide® Today!

LandGlide® offers a variety of solutions for traditional and non-traditional parcel data users. We’d love to know, how do you use the LandGlide® app? Drop a comment below with your favorite feature and how you use it for business or fun.  

Did you hear? LandGlide® is now available on your computer! Try a FREE 7-day trial. Visit landglide.com or download the LandGlide® mobile application on iOS or Android, today to start your free trial.