Finding Property On LandGlide Is Easier Than Ever

LandGlide, the most advanced and comprehensive parcel data and property line map application that gives you access on all your devices – just got even better with the release of its latest update.

With the update, you’ll access data even faster and more efficiently with autocomplete and recent searches.


LandGlide’s autocomplete feature gets users to their intended destination faster by generating matching results in three categories: owner, address and parcel number.

As you type, LandGlide returns a list of matching results, allowing you to find and select the parcel you’re looking for faster, more accurately and without having to type the entire owner name, address or parcel number. Click SEE ALL to expand the list and narrow your result to just one category type.

Recent Search

With recent search, users will have access to any recently selected search results, saving time and effort. While LandGlide also offers the ability to save locations, add notes and images, as well as export, being able to quickly access recently selected properties will help users find parcel data quicker and easier. Recent searches can also be turned off or cleared at the users discretion.

LandGlide, The Most Advanced Data & Property Line Map Application

The LandGlide app allows you to access over 156 million parcel records in over 3,190 counties. You’ll have online and offline access to parcel data including property owner, acreage, square footage, property address, mailing address, parcel number, transfer date, school district, sale price and more. And with the latest release, we’ve taken the LandGlide functionality that you love to the next level to bring your comprehensive and accurate search results even faster. To start a free seven-day trial, visit