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    Unsure about how data from ReportAll can help you make more informed decisions, even faster? Choose one of the files below to download a data sample. ReportAll is the proven leader in quality parcel data downloads.

    Download County or State Datasets

    Download Excel, CSV, or ESRI Shapefiles instantly.

    Access our instant GIS parcel data downloads across the U.S.

    Parcel data downloads can contain up to 26 property attributes with APN, Owner Name, Physical Address, Mailing Address, Acreage, Parcel ID, Property Boundaries, Land Use, School District, Market Value, Acreage, Flood Zone, Physical Address, Census Tract, Census Block and more.

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    Data Downloads

    Search, package, and purchase single parcels

    Download Excel, CSV, or ESRI Shapefile, or KML files instantly.

    Upload an ESRI shapefile to find parcels that intersect with it.

    Find properties by address, owner, or parcel number (APN). Advanced search features highlight the property attributes including school district, land use, acreage, square footage and more.

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