Bonus for LandGlide Users: Property Boundaries in Canada & New Zealand

Are you a current user of our LandGlide app, a mobile application that displays property lines online? The application is available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store and is popular with individual consumers as well as with professionals across multiple industries including real estate, lumber/timber, energy, agriculture and other industries where property lines and boundaries are important.

Property Lines for Over 97% of Property Parcels in the U.S.

While the LandGlide app boasts coverage of over 97% of property parcels across all 50 states in the United States, the team at ReportAll is continuously adding more areas to our property parcel database.  Whether you use our LandGlide app to view online property lines and property information for personal or commercial use you may have noticed an added bonus when traveling to Canada or New Zealand recently.

Parcel Boundaries in Canada & New Zealand

The LandGlide property line app, as well as our parcel data API, use the ReportAll property parcel database that allow mobile apps, like LandGlide, to deliver property lines and parcel information, on-site, using the location of your device to overlay property boundaries on the map in the LandGlide app.  And as the team at ReportAll works diligently to acquire property lines in more areas of the US, we’re also acquiring property boundary data in additional countries outside the US which has led to the ReportAll property parcel database now reflecting boundary data acquired for certain areas of Canada and New Zealand. Therefore, as a bonus to LandGlide subscribers, as well as users of our parcel data API, these new property lines in areas of Canada and New Zealand will be displayed in subscribers’ apps

Property Lines in a Mobile App: New Corporate Accounts

If you are not a user of the LandGlide app you may wonder why so many users are downloading an app that displays property lines. Many personal uses of the app include people shopping for real estate or curious about on-site homeowner and parcel information. Recreational users of LandGlide are largely outdoor enthusiasts seeking landowner information to obtain permission for hunting, snowmobiling, four-wheeling or even relic hunting. And many businesses across multiple industries use LandGlide to see property lines and property information including real estate agencies selling or listing homes, real estate appraisers needing on-site property lines and parcel data, as well as property developers, forestry, government agencies, utilities, the energy sector and more.

To better accommodate our business customers that require on-site parcel information and property lines in an easy to use mobile app across their enterprise, we have added the ability to create LandGlide Corporate Accounts with central support for multiple users and devices at volume based discounted rates. For more information about setting up a LandGlide Corporate Account, or for more details on using our parcel data API, contact us by phone, 216-712-7779, or by email at

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