LandGlide – Our Leading GPS Parcel Data App Has A New Look

Empower Your Industry With Our Updated Parcel Data App

At ReportAll, we understand the desire to interact with technology that is modern, sleek, and innovative. For that reason, we’re excited to introduce you to our newly redesigned GPS parcel data app – LandGlide®

While LandGlide isn’t exactly new, it has been revitalized to offer a more clean, modern, and professional look. Whether you’re searching in real-time at your location or across town, you can access the parcel data you need with LandGlide. This GPS parcel data app provides full-featured and beautifully designed property boundary maps, including property line and land boundary overlays. Additionally, it provides precise property line and ownership data, which covers over 95 percent of the U.S. population. All you need to do is hover over a property to be able to access the exact information you need.

LandGlide uses GPS technology to pinpoint your precise location so you can explore maps anywhere in the U.S. and access over 150 million parcel records in over 3,000 counties. It is the most comprehensive mobile app on the market to find and view parcel information. LandGlide is fast, accurate, and everywhere.

What’s New In The LandGlide App?

We know you’re as excited as we are about new features, enhanced appearance, and up-to-date information that provides the parcel data you need at your fingertips. At ReportAll, we changed the design of LandGlide and upgraded some important components to improve the user interface and ensure consistency across platforms. Our goal is to make sure that our app is the most efficient and easy to use, so we’re constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience.

One of the most popular features is the ability to pin and save properties, which makes it even easier to do your job, but with our update, you can now take advantage of other new elements as well. The new features of LandGlide include four different updates: accessibility, searchability, legibility, and visual appeal.


One of the features we rolled out in 2019 is “Offline Mode”. If you don’t have cell service or WiFi, you can still have access to the parcel data you need. By simply downloading the sections of the map that you need to access, you can now retrieve the data on your phone or tablet no matter where you are working. Read What Can Our Parcel Data App Due Offline? to learn more.


We’ve increased the number of counties you can search and view to over 3,000 throughout the U.S. This means that you’re able to view and search parcel data records that cover over 95 percent of the U.S. population. Now, when you quickly search and browse through our app, you’re able to find the data you need when you need it.


To make our app a bit more legible, we decided to change the size of some of the features. You may have noticed that the pin, which you can use to save locations, is slightly different. We made the pin bigger so that it is a bit easier to find while navigating parcels. Enlarging the pin makes it clearer and ensures you don’t lose out on any valuable information. Another feature we made a bit more legible was the size of the county link. We enlarged it to make it easier for you while you’re using the app out in the field. We also changed the look of the bottom panel. It is larger so that the property information is more legible and it’s easier to expand the information panel to view all of the attributes for each parcel.

Visual Appeal

In addition, we’ve mentioned the new, modern design of the app itself, but one of the other design elements that we’re very excited about is our new logo. It exemplifies our passion for land parcels as a graphical representation of parcel data. The updated design of the app and the new logo gives LandGlide an unmatched, quality look.

How Can You Use LandGlide?

Our desire to rejuvenate this parcel viewing tool stemmed from a goal to not only give you accurate and effortless information, but to also provide you with a cleaner and enhanced look. We’re excited to bring you a great product that looks fantastic and works even better.

This high quality and low-cost tool supports companies and individuals working in a variety of different industries including the following:

These are just a few of the industries where accessing GIS data and parcel mapping is made easier when using LandGlide. Don’t see your industry listed above but love using LandGlide? Contact us to tell us about your experience.

What About Other GIS Mapping Software Products?

LandGlide is at the forefront of geospatial business technology using innovation, integration, and automation to create an approach to simplify how you access parcel data. At ReportAll, we strive to create GIS mapping software that is available to those who need it, regardless of the application or platform. In addition to LandGlide, we also offer the following parcel data solutions:

  • Parlay 2.0 works with the Google Earth interface to provide access to parcel boundaries and attribute data.
  • ReportAll Online is optimized for desktops. This GIS database offers access to land parcel data and shapefiles right on your computer. ReportAll Online provides access to comprehensive GIS mapping tools with up-to-date information that’s nationwide.
  • ReportAll API presents you with fresh data and access to faster tiles and parcel attributes.
  • Shapefiles give you the ability to download parcel data and access information for when you need it.

To learn more about any of our solutions, contact our Sales team at (216) 712-7779 or

If you’re interested in reading more about LandGlide, our GPS parcel data app, check out our Recommended Reading section below. Additionally, if you’d like to try LandGlide FREE for a week, visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download it today.

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